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He loved it!!!

Was my husbands Anniversary gift, he uses it every day!


I purchased one from another company year ago. It didn’t work at all. I figured by the marketing efforts and great videos, it looked legit. When I received it, I instantly put it to use and was pleasantly surprised. Great product, amazing price! If it wears out, I’ll buy another one.

Birdie Practice Mat Pro

Great feedback

This is a simple but great product to help with your swing path. I was hitting behind the ball almost every swing. It was a big adjustment for me to get the proper strike zone but dialed in in 20-30 swings. Great product!


This has shown me the faults in my swing path


Best training aid ever

It’s helped my T shot

Works as Advertised

My husband likes it overall but concerned about the quality and how long it will last.

Nice unit

Has helped already with my swing path.

Practice mat

This tool works well. It is heavy enough that it doesn't move when struck. The sequins seem robust.

Great product!

This mat is a great tool to get instant feedback on your swing. Great quality and very sturdy. Best of all I can now take meaningful practice swings in my living room!

Birdie Practice Mat Pro


Worked great.

Ball washer

Love this product & I have many of my fellow golfers going to order one!! Thanks!!

Birdie Bath Golf Ball Washer

The Birdie Bath is perfect for Seniors

This is an item that has been long overdue. The courses I play on and the people I partner with play from the Gold or Red tees. The ball washers are always found on the Blue/White tee boxes. Having the Birdie Bath Ball Washer in my cart not only saves time but provides the convenience to make sure every tee shot is a clean shot! Thank you for such a fine product.


So far I love it after one week of usage. Curious to see how it holds up..

As advertised

I really enjoy using this. There are a lot of things I need to work on with my swing, and this Mat has been extremely helpful.

It is handy to have it ready to clean my golf ball while I am golfing


solid ball washer. doesn’t feel cheap at all. i take it to the green with me. i attached a towel to it. works great.

Mixed emotions.

I swear my practice mat keeps laughing at me every time I whack it. As if my golf balls going into the woods wasn't enough to tell me my swing is terrible. Now I have this thing telling me too.

Excellent Washer

Great product. Washes the balls perfectly. Portable and easy to carry.

Birdie Bath Golf Ball Washer

Dropping birdies

I love it!

Birdie Practice Mat