About Birdie Golf

They always say the best products are created out of necessity. I guess that’s true because that’s what brought me to invent the Birdie Bath.

I came to golf late in life. A career in the car business meant Saturdays were spent on the lot, not the links. After 34 years as a Jeep dealer, I finally retired. I took up golf and instantly fell in love with the game. I noticed that many courses didn't have ball washing stations and if they did, they weren't well maintained. So, I thought, “Wouldn't it be great to have a device that could attach right to my golf bag or on my cart so I could clean my ball any place, anytime?”

Looking online, I bought a cheap quality ball cleaner that didn’t work as advertised and one that required a special cleaning solution which seemed overly complicated. So, the idea came to me to invent a quality product that only required water, making it simple and convenient to use. I was so excited about the idea, I went to a local entrepreneurial center to develop a prototype. Every time I went out to play a round of golf, I brought my prototype with me and so many other golfers would always ask me where I bought my ball cleaner. It didn’t take me long to recognize I was solving a real need that other golfers related to.

Soon, the Birdie Bath was being manufactured and brought to market! I’m humbled by how many golfers out there must love the feeling of clean golf balls anytime, anywhere just as I experienced. We hope you enjoy your Birdie Bath while playing the greatest (and most frustrating) game on Earth!

- Norm Vialle