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Are Dirty Balls Messing with Your Game?

Studies show clean balls drive further and can help with putting. Get the perfect golf accessory to clean your balls and improve your game.

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Clean Your Balls in Seconds

Improve Your Game

  • Putt straighter
  • Drive Further

Clean Safely & Effectively

  • Water Only
  • Removes course chemicals, dirt, grass stains, & germs

Convenient & Portable

  • Includes heavy duty carabiner
  • Fits conveniently in cup holder
  • Easily attach to golf bag
  • Anywhere on the course


Dirty Golf Ball


Clean Golf Ball
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Why a Clean Ball Matters?

A dirty ball will have a direct impact upon its aerodynamics, spin and rollout. Modern golf balls are engineered to precise standards to maximize distance and accuracy. Any type of imbalance or unnatural drag will influence the flight and spin of your ball. These imbalances lead to short shots, unpredictable flight trajectories and shorter rollouts on the fairway and greens.

Five Stars

My Favorite Birthday Gift!

“My wife got me a birdie bath... My ball is always clean and I putt straighter than ever!”

- Jim

Five Stars

No More Worries!

“The idea of using the public ball washer made me cringe.”

- Noah

Never Have Dirty Balls Again

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Birdie Bath Golf Ball Washer

Five Stars

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The perfect golf accessory to clean your balls and improve your game. Caked mud? Dried on dirt? No problem. Wash your balls using only water in seconds.

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